Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BeannactaĆ­ na Nollag!

Apologies for not keeping up my blogs. The latter half of this year has been quite difficult for me and I've been slow to do any writing at all. Hopefully that will change in the new year. Meanwhile, I am busy with Christmas preparations. By way of a Yuletide card, here is a beautiful photograph sent to me by a Finnish artist I met during the summer. (Photo credit: Sirpa Pyykko)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skellig Michael

A boat took us from Valentia Island to Skellig Michael. How to describe such an incredible experience? Transcendant. Hundreds of stone steps lead up a sharp incline to the stone monastery hanging on the side of a cliff on an island in the Atlantic. To think of the monks living here over a thousand years ago, praying, chanting, ekeing out a living - fish, puffins, gannets, and whatever they could grow. As well as the monastic magic, it was nesting season for the puffins. No longer hunted, they walk around happily. The cutest things! And after the visit to the island (several hours of bliss on a beautiful sunny day), the boat took us around Skellig Beag (Little Skellig) which homes the second largest gannet colony in the world - 25,000 mating pairs! White birds with golden heads, an island that no human sets foot on: the Palace of the Birds, ringing with song. I'll post some more shots later.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Irish Craic

This cannot be missed. It is so funny. Three lads doing Irish dancing all around the world. You can't beat the Irish for hilarious humour.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Ballybunnions!

I'm going a bit video mad at the moment but this is great craic as we say in Ireland. A lot of white Irish rhythm but there are those who can dance, T.G. The garda (policewoman), the drummer and the Supervalu staff are my favourites but they are all brilliant. This will definitely put a smile on your face.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Growing Old Hilariously

Knackered after dancing all night at a friend's 60th party in the newly-renovated loft of the Harbour Bar near the sea front. I knew a lot of his friends as we are part of a hill-walking group that heads into the Wicklow Mountains once a month (see earlier posts with pics). What a hoot. He brought in gourmet pizzas - YUM - and had a heart-attack playlist for dancing guaranteed to sort out the girls from the boys (you know what I mean). We were seriously whooping it up. The manager - who looked about 12 - complained about the music being too loud. WAY TO GROW OLD. PISS OFF THE YOUNG ONES, YEAH.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


This is a scream. If your GPS was like your Irish mother, lol. Great young comedienne. Love all her videos. My other favourite is her return from Australia. Who says women aren't funny?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drop Some Lead on 'em!

Finn came home from sea for a few days, before heading back to college in Cork, so we decided to finally have a go at the great Christmas present her boyfriend gave me: Battleship with chocolate pieces! (Inspired.) He knew I loved the film but didn't know I had also played the game as an Officer Cadet wayyyy back in the 1970s in the Gunroom of the HMCS Cape Breton, fondly called "the Fred," docked in Esquimalt, B.C. (Note: Wardroom for senior officers, Gunroom for midshipmen/officer cadets). At first I was really pounding Finn, getting those chocolates fast as I took her battleships, cruisers, patrol boats and aircraft carriers. I had cleverly figured out that she was calling out spaces for me which were, in fact, near her own positions. But once she copped that, I was back to guessing. Suddenly she took off, nailing my positions and blasting me out of the water. Ship after ship sank like a stone. And I couldn't fathom how I was missing her. There were huge areas of empty sea on her side. When my last ship was lost with all hands on board, she revealed her strategies, my brilliant daughter. Firstly, she had set up her fleet in periwinkle formation, the majority clumped together in one spot with just a few random vessels here and there to keep me from realising that the bulk of the fleet was together. Ingenious evil marine scientist thinking. And how did she get me? She assumed I had gone for "random" placement - which I had - and she knew this meant I would avoid straight lines and place my pieces diagonally. Apparently and crazily this is what people think is random. Once she got a hit, she struck out diagonally and I was creamed. Evil scientist daughter.