Monday, October 17, 2005

Nix Hex

Okay, looks like I am about to start my life as a blogger with a rant. The object of my ire? The television show Hex. What a piece of exploitative, badly-written, badly-acted, badly-shot rubbish. It is touted as "the English Buffy" while lacking one iota of the integrity, creativity, intelligence, talent, humour, and genius of that great show. A pedophile's dream, the chief aim of the series seems to be - how many times can we have teen girls undress and/or sleep with old farts, while totally emasculating teen boys? Oh, and stay this side of S & M porn while getting in as many hints as possible? Nix Hex and bring back Dead Like Me! Now's there a fitting successor to Buff.

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lynncorry1964 said...

Our mutual friend, Bette G. has so kindly allowed me to read The Chronicles of Faerie. Guiltily I admit I have not had the time to read. I cannot wait for the Christmas holidays to curl up in a warm chair and drift away into this world you have created.