Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year Resolutions

The time is approaching and I do this every year, so here goes:

1) I will stop being Calamity Jane and over-reacting to problems, glitches, disasters, and catastrophes.

2) I will learn how to use the power drill my mother gave me for my birthday three years ago.

3) I will practise the drums more, especially to music.

4) I will continue with my GrĂºpa Gaeilge classes on Monday night instead of dropping out as planned.

5) I will spend a pile of money on my teeth.

6) I will look into that Comedy Club gig I've been writing routines for. Yes, my secret ambition is to be a stand-up comic. It was either that or a preacher.

7) I will figure out how to post photos on my blogg and do so.

8) There's one more but I can't remember. Stay posted.

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