Saturday, January 21, 2006

Big Brother Blog

Got my hair cropped yesterday. I look like Iggy Pop. Had a great chat with my hairdresser Dan about Celebrity Big Brother which we both confessed to getting drawn into despite the fact that neither of us likes Reality TV. (I blame insomnia.) I do think BB is decadent-society-Roman- circus stuff with the public acting as both audience and lions. However, Dan and I agreed that George Galloway is great and pooh on the media and its pontificating against him. Who are they to talk about integrity?! Even my teen daughter thinks George is the best. He maintains a certain dignity despite the nastiness of the programme itself. And what other politician would have the guts to reveal himself that way? The likes of Bertie Aherne and Tony Blair would never hold up under such intimate scrutiny. George has character. And he just might win. [For those outside the UK and Ireland, George Galloway is the radical Scottish politician who was thrown out of the Labour Party for being against Tony Blair and the war in Iraq. An American Senate Committee tried to set him up as a supporter of Saddam Hussein but couldn't prove their charges. Watching him closely on television, with his character so utterly revealed, you could not imagine this man being the slippery lying cheating Machiavellian both Bush and Blair insist that he is. Now point the finger the other way. Not so hard to imagine, eh?]

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