Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bookmark Blog

My webmaster has put the Czech covers of The Hunter's Moon and The Summer King up on my site (see Bibliography). They are gorgeous! I love them. The Czech publisher, ELA, also sent some stunning illustrations. I will be posting these on a new blog which I am in the process of constructing. The bookmark blog will be solely about my work and will include notes on research, ideas for the books, photographs of places featured, pics that inspire me, publication and tour dates, and so on. This blog here -- the one I am writing this very minute -- is where I chit chat about anything and everything.


Katanya said...

I am not sure if you will have the time to respond to my question but I think I should still give it a shot. Are you going to continue writing other stories following the Book Of Dreams? I really hope so, those series of books captivated me like no other book has. I actually grew attached to the characters! Hopefully you will continue to write books about the worlds long lost fantasies because I think some people are forgetting.
- Katanya, age 13

KJH said...

I concur. The Hunter's Moon was one of the only things that got me through high school. I used to read it on the back of the bus and wish I could be there instead of where I was. And that was almost ten years ago! I've read it about a dozen times and I still get a thrill every time I do.

OR Melling said...

Oh, thank you, both of you! Such kind comments. Katanya, I'm so busy right now re-writing the series that I just can't think of other books. I am basically making the first three bigger and better, and linking them together (though you can still read them separately and in any order). I blame The Book of Dreams which I believe is the best. It made me re-think the others. Kathryn, I don't know if you have read the revised version of The Hunter's Moon. It is out in Canada in the collection called The Golden Book of Faerie. I didn't change the story, but added more of everything -- suspense, romance, danger. Also Gwen is more developed as a person so you see how she would become a "warrior in pink" later. I've just finished rewriting The Summer King and have begun to re-write The Light-Bearer's Daughter. Lordy, it's work. But I like re-visiting the stories and weaving them into a bigger cloth. Thanks for writing! Best, OR

KJH said...

Well, your books have made me so happy over the years, expressing my gratitude doesn't begin to repay the debt. I'll have to check out the revised versions, since I wasn't aware they differed in content.

When I become a real librarian in a few months' time, I will definitely recommend your books to as many people as I can. I have already loaned them to everyone I could think of, and the comments have been very positive.