Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pow Wow

Some emails asked me how or where I heard about the Sisters in Spirit site. I was at the 12th Annual Aboriginal Festival in Toronto, November 2005. It was fabulous. I especially loved the dancing -- the different costumes were gorgeous -- and my favourite was the jingle dress dancing. I could have sat there all day and watched. The last time I was at a Pow Wow was in Nipawin, Saskatchewan back in the 1970s. Way too long not to enjoy that aspect of Native culture. Art is a bridge between different peoples, the best way to communicate across the divides of race, creed, and language. Well, the second best. Falling in love is the best. (I'm an old rosemantic.) I bought a good book by Harold Johnson who was there autographing his work. It's called Billy Tinker. I was thrilled to read it, as the "little people" appear in the story. This is exactly what the Irish have always called nature spirits, or fairies. As far as I can tell, many First Nations (perhaps all) have similar beliefs to the Irish regarding these spirits. Ah yes, while religion divides, spirituality too can be a bridge.

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