Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Prairie Bus

"Everyone's a little bit racist," is one of the songs featured in the Broadway show, Avenue Q, which is a kind of adult Sesame Street. It's highly entertaining, though not very deep, but that particular song brings up an excellent point. I have a little "thought experiment" which is probably not PC but which I think falls in line with this particular truth. It takes the form of a question:

If you were stuck on a bus for three days crossing the Prairies with nothing to look at or do, and everyone else on that bus had to belong to a particular race or nation or other sort of group, who would you choose?

Here are my top three, not necessarily in order of preference:
1) my fellow Irish -- for the craic agus ceoil*
2) Jamaicans -- ditto (fun and music)
3) people from India -- great chat and also they would bring yummy food

*A Danish friend tells me this is where the Danes and Irish differ. He says Danes would not want to get stuck with their own kind.

Of course this begs the question who you would NOT want to get stuck with, but I ain't goin' there.

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