Monday, February 27, 2006

I Remember Sometimes

I've been wandering in the shadowlands lately. Typical February blues. Had a Big Dream a few days back, though. I was doing cartwheels out in the universe, dancing with the stars. Reminded me of the insight I got last year: that we are beings of light caught in matter. The adjustment is ongoing, but the clash of spirit and matter drives a lot of us crazy, hence the aggression, greed, and destructiveness. There are reminders of our origins, our true nature, everywhere -- in dreams, imagination, art, story, music, architecture, mysticism, the saints that walk among us, the strange longing that comes sometimes, the sense that we are in exile ... But it also seems, as Stan Grof would say, that there's a taboo against remembering who we really are. Perhaps it would interfere with the mission? And there, of course, is the other problem with remembering. One can sound barmy.


Emma said...

I like this post quite a lot. And I'm reading The Hunter's Moon right now and loving it!

OR Melling said...

Thank you, Emma. Just popped over to your blog and saw your work. How wonderful it is, how wonderful!I'll be back to see more.