Saturday, February 04, 2006

Irish Dancing in Killarney

Lost a post when things went pear-shaped yesterday, so will re-post today on the same topic. The All-Ireland is coming up next week and I will be meeting some Canadian dancer friends who are competing in the adult céili. This will be the first feis I have attended in aeons and I can hardly wait. In my day (we won't say when) I was a North American champion, and LOVED to dance! In celebration of the upcoming feis, I went into Dublin and bought myself a pair of pomps and hornpipes (no longer called that, I do believe) at the famous Talbot Dance Centre. It felt good to test out the hardshoes on the wooden floor provided. Treble, treble, heel, toe, back in the saddle. Once a dancer, always a dancer. Yep I am going to start practising regularly. It's great aerobics. And I shall get my friends Sheila and Maureen and their dancing teacher Rosie Fearon (we all went to the Butler Academy in Toronto) to give me some steps. Meanwhile, I also bought the magazine "Irish Dancing and Cultural International" and was amazed and delighted to discover a world-wide community of Irish dancers! That was the good news. The bad news was those awful costumes which belong in Las Vegas; not a Celtic or Irish motif in sight. And what on earth are they wearing on their heads? Party decorations masquerading as wigs! They look ridiculous. Bizarre also to discover that Irish dancing is considered a "sport" as opposed to a form of dance pertaining to Ireland. Has this weird mutation erupted from the Riverdance/Lord of the Dance phenomenon? Or is it some strange hybrid caused by crossing traditional Irish dancing with American beauty pageants and athletics? Yet we cannot blame the Americans - it's all over Ireland too!

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