Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pamela Izevbekhai

There are so many people in trouble in the world, it is simply not possible for one person to help them all. However, it is possible for one person to help one person. Pamela Izevbekhai came to Ireland seeking asylum to save her two little girls from FGM (female genital mutilation). Pamela comes from a part of Nigeria where this practice does not take place, but she has married into a family who insist that her daughters suffer it, even though Pamela and her husband are against it. Attempts have occurred to kidnap the girls in order to force the procedure on them. Pamela's first child, Elizabeth, died as a result of FGM. These facts have been documented and proven, yet the Irish government has rejected Pamela's application for asylum. When Pamela refused to return to Nigeria with her girls, she was arrested and imprisoned in Mountjoy Jail. The Irish government maintains that this is a cultural matter. How can the endangerment and possible death of small children be a cultural matter? On January 23, 2006 Mrs Justice Finlay Geoghan ordered Pamela's release pending a hearing on February 20, though the Irish state argued to keep Pamela imprisoned and separated from her children. If you would like to know more about Pamela's situation log on to If you would like to contribute to her campaign, an account has been set up: "Let Them Stay," Bank of Ireland, Stephen Street, Sligo, Co. Sligo. Account no. 25245231. Bank Sort Code 905440. It is possible for one person to help one person.


Anonymous said...

Not down to Ireland to sort this one out im afraid. They are illegal immigrants and should be dealt with in the correct manor, no exception.
As harsh as this my sound, every illegal immigrant has their own reasons for coming to Ireland, wether it be honest or not.
We simply can't show any weakness in our immigration policy as this will basically open up the borders, and this will not happen over night but eventually it will be more than this small island can handle.
Another point to mention is that asylum seekers as far as I am lead to understand are supposed to stop as the first 'safe' country, how did she get to Ireland if this is the case? Sorry for anyone reading that disagrees but I love this country and as long as we have our own people in need others simply have to come second.

Anonymous said...

That's a disgraceful attitude. People in this country are always going to have needs. What ridiculous, unattainable level of satisfaction of needs do you want in Ireland before you deem it acceptable that we help people from other countries.
Your post smacks of out-dated nationalism.

OR Melling said...

Hi all,This post is closed for comment. I have presented one comment each for and against. Have rejected some openly racist comments. Also, sorry, but I'm not interested in hosting a debate on the subject. If you want same, do set up your own blog for that purpose.