Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shrove Tuesday

Yes, I had pancakes for tea. Findabhair made banana ones served with lemon, brown sugar, and some ancient maple syrup. No, I wasn't shriven today as I am a recovering Catholic rather than a practising one. But I did get the words of that song I can never remember, from my mother. Here they are. Traditionalists take note. You are supposed to sing them before you eat your pancakes, or perhaps during, but not with your mouth full.
Shrove Tuesday
Shrove Tuesday
Poor Jack went to plough
His mother made pancakes
But didn't know how.
She rolled them, she turned them
She made them so black
She put too much pepper
And poisoned poor Jack.

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Anonymous said...

My grandparents taught me this too - but with wife instead of mother. I wonder if it has any historical significance - lots of nursery rhymes do!