Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sony Garbage

My CMT-EX5, a front-loading Sony CD-player which cost 300 Euro, died two months after its warranty was up. It worked for less than two years. Totterdells, the place where I bought it, says it will cost me 60 Euro to find out what’s wrong but that doesn't guarantee the price of fixing it, nor does it guarantee that it can be fixed. Sony Ireland says it will charge me 45 Euro to look at it, again with no guarantee of final price or even of repair. The truth is we are living in a world where giant corporations make unbelievable profits selling us products for which they take no responsibility past a single year. The only recourse left to individuals is to warn each other about the rip-offs. So for what it’s worth: I am a human being and not a "thing that consumes" and the Sony Corporation sold me a piece of garbage. Pass it on.

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Unknown said...

ditto that, I payed over $700 usd for a ps3 and it died a month after the 2 year mark, and my new one is just as screwy and unreliable as the first. Sony is going down..