Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Away with the Fairies II

Took the day off to read Herbie Brennan's Faerie Wars and then went straight into the second book, The Purple Emperor. Absolutely loved them. Once I had adjusted to the fact that his view of Faerie is utterly different from mine, I was enthralled. Wonderful characters, tremendous suspense, magical twists and turns, creepy villains, and great humour. I love old Mr Fogarty, Princess Holly Blue, and the Forest Faeries the best. Would highly recommend these books if you haven't read them. Now I must return to reality and to work -- tomorrow.


Alucard said...

I'm sorry that I missed posting a comment on this blog. I LOVE those two books! One day on my way to the public library (By far one of my favourite places) I decided to pick up a book on fairies. I found those two books and thrived on them for the few days I had them. Even though I enjoyed them, I enjoy the way you describe Fairy land better.


OR Melling said...

Hey you get two replies from me in one day! I don't mean to name-drop but I am meeting Herbie and his wife tomorrow at their house in County Carlow. (Will post how that goes later, but I have a feeling it will be magical.)