Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bookmark Blog Astray

Sorry, folks, my book blog seems to have run away with the fairies. I've notified who will, I hope, find it. Meanwhile, try clearing your browser and refreshing (do I know what this means?!) and see if it appears. Do let me know if it does.


Alucard said...

Hi! My name is Sydney. And I recently sent you an email, but I wanted to post a message to! You are an amazing writer. And I count how many times I have read The Hunters Moon. I'm a wee bit obssessed. (: Anyways, your amazing! (:

OR Melling said...

Hi Sydney,
Thanks for your note and your kinds words about The Hunter's Moon. It takes me longer to answer emails as I get a stack of them and do them all together at the end of the month.

OR Melling said...

And now I just spotted I wrote "kinds" instead of "kind". Argghh.