Monday, March 13, 2006

A Doctor in the World

Been fighting with shadows lately as "I wake to the fell of dark, not day." So I listen to Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Suite and read Dr Hollis's Swamplands of the Soul (Inner City Books, Toronto). A former English professor turned Jungian therapist, Dr Hollis writes like an angel – a dear, kind, helpful angel. His books are full of poetry and encouragement and inspiration. He doesn’t offer quick fixes. He insists it is up to us to save ourselves. But like a horse whisperer, he says beautiful things to calm a troubled mind, to ease the way. He speaks of "the heartbreaking journey that is life" and being "alone on the high seas of the soul," and how, in a universe of exiles, we may meet each other upon the road and, for a time, feel at home.

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