Wednesday, April 05, 2006

California Girl

Sorry for the mess of this photo, but it is very old. That's me blowing a chewing gum bubble in Santa Cruz before heading south for L.A. Steve from Maine is to the left of me, then Carl from San Francisco (boyfriend of Carol who is taking the picture), then Mark, also from Maine (he and Steve were heading north, to homestead in the Yukon) and - dearest of all - Ron, from Kentucky. Ron was our guardian angel on the road. We were living on Highway One that summer. "Transients" they called us. Street kids. It was my first great adventure, camping out in the world. I was 18.


Alucard said...

I can't wait to be that age! (: I actually live around that area. I live near Sacramento!

OR Melling said...

Lucky you in sunny California! I can't wait to visit again. I'll be touring there mid-June. So far the schedule says San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles, but it all depends on the bookstores. One day I intend to write about my travels and then I shall retrace the route of that wonderful summer.