Thursday, April 06, 2006


And here's me as a firefighter at NBCD School (Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence) when I was an Officer Cadet in the Canadian Naval Reserve. I look like a bug. A big black bug. (Say that 3x fast.) In truth, I was hopeless. Kept backing AWAY from the fire while the P.O. (Petty Officer) was yelling at me to go forward.
I see two of the gang behind me, Nancy and Eva I think. The only female platoon, we had to name ourselves after some Canadian or British ship. Maureen and I were pushing for "Impregnable" but the final call was "Magnificent Division."


Alucard said...

Hehe. I managed to say Big Black Bug 3 times in a row! (: Hehe. Oh, and you don't look like a bug. Hehe.

Did you get to meet Herbie? Was it magical?

CWYsweetie said... is difficult to concieve of you as backing away from anything.. Plagued with menopausal memory failure I prefer to recall visions of the Irish waif who was starting fires ...I'm still waiting for my email?????