Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter

If I get my act together, I may wake in the wee hours of the morning on Easter Sunday and climb Bray Head for the ecumenical service on the summit as the sun rises. (Then big breakfast for everybody in the Christchurch hall.) When I lived in Kinvara, on the west coast, I was lucky enough to attend the service that Druid-Priest-Poet-Writer John O'Donohue (of Anamcara fame) used to hold in the ruins of Corcomroe Abbey. He would light a great Paschal Fire on the side of the mountain which everyone could see burning brightly as we headed out in our cars in the black of night, down the narrow twisty roads of the coast. Then he celebrated Mass on the priest's rock in the graveyard outside the abbey walls, while it was still dark. You could sense and even see the ancestral spirits hovering in the crowd. By communion time - "all are welcome to the feast" - he had moved us into the shelter of the ruins and dawn would be rising and the new day come. Famous Clare musicians such as Davey Spillane filled the air with traditional tunes. Wonderful. Yes, I shall try to get up Bray Head.

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