Sunday, April 09, 2006

Magical Visit

Well, the visit with Herbie Brennan (Faerie Wars) and his wife, Jacquie, was even more magical than I could have hoped. First the drive over the mountains across Calary Bog to Glendalough and up through the Wicklow Gap to County Carlow. Then arrival at a big 18th century house with a stone circle on the front lawn and rookeries in the tall trees. After that, a delicious lunch of potato soup, smoked salmon, sprout and spinach salad, assorted cheeses, and an onion quiche. (Jacquie is a herbalist and gifted cook). And as we feasted, such chat as makes the heart and mind sing. To quote Herman Hesse, "in a world of exiled wanderers, there are times when paths cross and for a while we feel at home."
PS More about Herbie on my book blog!

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Alucard said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time!