Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Algonquin Tea Company

I am always being contacted by the most interesting people! Here’s the website of an organic tea company in Canada which is also an amazing community: http://www.algonquintea.com/. Apparently several people there – young and not so young – liked The Book of Dreams, the fourth and final instalment in The Chronicles of Faerie. This thrilled me to bits as that book is my favourite of all my books; plus, they are sending me a packet of tea. (Hurrah, says the tea granny.) I am hoping to visit the community when I’m in Ontario in the Fall. And may I just point out that here is more proof of my contention in The Book of Dreams that there be magic in Canada!


Tim said...

Best of luck on your American Tour!

OR Melling said...

Thanks, Tim! Nice pic with the deer, by the way.