Monday, June 12, 2006

Blogger Community

Oh, meant to mention this neat blogger thing. One day I clicked on the blog next to me and went to Potfry which is a political satirical blog. Though it is right-wing and I'm unhappy with some of his targets e.g. PETA,I thought the writing was brilliant and the humour hilarious. So I commented on his blog and then he got back to me and we discovered we have some similarities including the fact that his wife was born in Ireland and grew up in Canada -- just like me! -- and he sent a photo of his gorgeous twin girls. Anyway, he lives in New Jersey and I told him about my appearance at Books of Wonder in NYC and he showed up and bought my books for his girls and we had a great chat. Here's the thing. He is definitely right-wing and some of the sites who approve of him are scary to me, yet we found common ground and a liking for each other. Is this not the essence of democracy? Is this not the truth we must embrace? That no matter how difficult it is we must be able to listen to each other and to seek out common ground. How else can we live together on this planet? We will never all agree with one way, one vision. Like Rumi says: Beyond the world of wrong and right there is a field. I will meet you there. Potfry and I met in that field and discovered that we could hear each other even if we did not agree, and not only that, we found that we could like each other.


Potfry said...

Thanks for a lovely post, Orla.

I think that the ability to listen and change one's mind about topics is the most underestimated skill on the planet. And I find that by embracing people who share different perspectives, I can hone my own.

I told Jackie about our meeting, and we agreed that next time you visit, you have to come to our house in New Jersey.

OR Melling said...

You guys are so sweet! I'm in Chicago now and heading further west. Got to see the White House in DC. America is beautiful!