Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crash and Burn

Whoa. Got back yesterday some time in the morning after a six-hour delay in the Louis Armstrong International Airport at New Orleans (how great is that, an airport named after a jazz musician) due to bad weather in Newark, then a mad dash for my plane to Ireland, and a very comfortable flight back home. Got mum a bottle of Crown Royal Canadian whisky and Finn a bottle of DKNY perfume, duty free. Said hi to my bed and passed out for the day. Now I am wandering around like a zombie who's been hit by an articulated lorry (tractor-trailer for you non-Irish). Was that three of the most incredible weeks of my life? Yes. Am I still alive after it? No. When you've been on the mega-go 24/7, it is a serious shock to suddenly stop. Yesirree, it's crash and burn time.

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