Thursday, June 29, 2006

Faerie Sites

Here are two magical fairy sites I found glistening on the web: and Yeah, I know I am supposed to be working -- not flitting about in the Realm -- but I'm waiting for my soul to land. It always takes longer to arrive than my body. I think it likes gliding over the vast blue of the Atlantic.


Kaylee @T.A.G. said...

I went to your site the other day.And saw you had a blog.It's Kaylee.
from Hemet Public Library.
You came to the library a few days ago!
I made a blog for the teen's at the library..If you'd like to see it....I posted a little something about you.
Have a great day,

OR Melling said...

Hi Kaylee, thanks for the mention on your library blog! (I did pop over.) I posted a little something about Hemet on my website tour page -- click on the red butterfly, then go down to San Bernardino County. I really enjoyed my visit and hope to return one day.

Kaylee @T.A.G. said...

Hello Again,
Yes I clicked on the red butterfly and saw the hemet library.
I'm glad you liked it over here..
I'm interested more in Ireland ever since you told us a little bit about it.
Have a good day,