Monday, June 12, 2006


Well here I am in Baltimore, just out of Atlanta and the Mythic Journeys Conference which was one of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime (peak experience as Maslow would say). You'll find more details on my site if you click on the USA Tour butterfly and go to the tour journal. Here's the short version - there were youth troops and magical workshops and I was in a performance flitting around the stage as Gwendolena, a dryad and wife of Merlin, and Deepak Chopra was reading Rumi with Coleman Barks while a cello and drum played behind them and there was a Mothers of Myth banquet with great Asian food and I got in a scrap with Ellen Kushner over JK Rowling when we were on a panel together but I really like her and we did this Jewish/Irish thing of really enjoying the scrap because that is a big similarity in our cultures and I danced all night to Emerald Rose and I cried in Gertrude Mueller Nelson's seminar about the fairy tale of the handless maiden because a woman talked about the death of her teenage daughter by heroin addiction - oh God, oh God, my heart broke -- and I cried when the young people of CREW (Conflict Resolution Group) spoke their monologues. Yes, really I was a basket case but in a wonderful way.

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