Tuesday, June 20, 2006

San Francisco

It was so strange. I stood in Union Square and had nostalgic feelings but didn't realise at first that I was in a place that I hung around when I was 18 years old. Back then, the square was all grass covered, now it is cement. Another great memory of this city is when I went into the huge library (now a museum) and despite the fact I was in my bare feet, the librarian let me sit down at a table and read all day. After months on the road, I was dying to read a book. So I read Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles from beginning to end. Yes, I did get the idea for the boggles in The Light-Bearer's Daughter to have eyes like gold coins from Bradbury's Martians. Hey, as James Joyce (or was it Brendan Behan?) said: artists don't borrow, they steal. And I say, if you are going to steal, you should do it from the best.


Bernard said...

Alright, so this isn't a comment on the post(though I have read the Martian Chronicles, and I just now noticed the connection between the two books. Nice steal.) But it's a comment nonetheless, right?

I absolutely adore your books. I first read The Hunter's Moon when I was eight(I think) and I remember thinking, "Hey, this is a good book. I wonder if there are others." Then I promptly forgot about them until I went to a local bookstore and I found a copy of the omnibus literally at my feet(dropped by someone, but that's another story). Much to my delight, I found that there were three more... the rest soon followed.

Anyways. Your style of writing is remarkable in the way that it sucks me into your stories, and actually makes me think afterwards(it's rare with me). I've always loved fantasy, but I've saved a special place in my "Fantasy" book pile for your books. (Current one on top is The Book of Dreams, which I'm cross-referencing with my micmaq and hinduism piles since I was delighted to find that I actually knew some of the more supernatural Canadian and Hindu characters).

Well, I've taken up too much of your time by making you read my ramblings, but I thank you for writing your books. They've given me a second wind into the world of fantasy, and a new love for all things irish, fairy-ish and related to good ol' Turtle Island.

KJH said...

Funny, there's now two people who have listed OR Melling under their favourite books category. How wonderful! It's interesting that The Book of Dreams has struck a chord with many of us from Canada. I guess we're not used to seeing our own country in a "magical" light.

I have been reading the tour diary with great interest. Too bad that Canada wasn't included. Maybe next time.

OR Melling said...

Thanks guys. All comments and ramblings welcome at all times! Writing this from the Convention Centre at New Orleans. Yes, this is a city slowly but surely -- and courageously -- getting back on its feet.