Saturday, July 22, 2006

Canadian Summer

Got an email from Findabhair today. She's having a terrific time in Ontario. Wants to know if she can get a tattoo in Collingwood with her friend, Holly. What a soul sister thing to do. I said yes. (It ain't my body.) She also has good things to say about good-looking Canadian boys. Now this was my devious plan in sending her over there. She is to fall in love with Canada and decide to go to college there -- to my alma mater, Trinity -- so she'll move back with me. Otherwise we are looking at the generational curse of my family: loved ones separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Parents, grandparents, children, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews all split on each side. Though popping back and forth like pinballs, it must be said. We need an entrepreneur in the family to start an airline. Enough with the bloody artists!

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Anonymous said...

Good for Findabhair! I can't find ANY good looking Canadian boys. I find Irish lads really cute though :). I think Dara from The Hunter's Moon ruined me for all Canuck boys haha.

I'm probably a dullard and am interpreting it wrong, but how is Findabhair going to school in Canada going to make her move back in with you in Ireland?

My family is full of accountants. We need (at least, I think we need) some artists!