Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Cedars of Lebanon

I watch in despair as Lebanon burns once again. Do I have a strong opinion on this? I do. But first, my political stand: I support the right of Israel to exist in peace and I support the right of the Palestinian people to a thriving homeland. Irreconcilable differences? I always believed that a peaceful solution to Northern Ireland was possible and look there. In fact, I remember attending a party many years ago in L’Derry at the invitation of my friend, Roy, a Protestant peace & reconciliation worker married to a Catholic. (Martina: "It really hit me when I saw the lambeg drum in the living room.") The party was for a group of Palestinian and Israeli peace & reconciliation workers who had come to Northern Ireland on a research trip. You want to talk about heroes? I was in awe of them. That such people could exist, such men and women, risking their lives to cross such divides. They told Roy that this was the first step they laboured to get their opposing sides to take: You are my enemy, I hate you, but I will not kill you today. And there they were, taking turns to sing the songs of their homelands (it was an Irish party) and cheering each other on. So therein lies my hope. Here’s my anger: who is making and selling the arms? Who is profiting from this? Where are the factories where all these missiles, tanks, guns, and rocket launchers are being made? Who are the people going to work every day to build them, knowing they are making weapons of death and destruction? Who are the owners of the factories? Who are the salesmen who are making the deals, not caring to whom they are selling instruments of death? Who are the men and women who make money from the death of men, women, and children? And why do we know nothing about them? Why do we know nothing about the arms manufacturers and dealers who fuel all the wars on our planet?


Bernard said...

The question that tickles me is: if they are trying to "retaliate after the caputre of two soldiers", why the hell did they have to blow up downtown Beirut? Why did they once more have to bring the tragedy and terror into the hearts of those people who have suffered so long?

Muslims vs. Christians, then Israel vs. Palestine. Again, Lebanon is caught in between.

I cry for them.

OR Melling said...

Me too.