Monday, July 10, 2006

A Little Tale of a Dryad

Here's how it happened.
I was having a quiet breakfast with a teacher attending the Educator’s Conference, part of the Mythic Journeys Conference in Atlanta, and up comes Brenda Sutton, one of the Mythic co-ordinators, with William Todd Jones (see satyr below on the left). She introduces us.

Todd: We’d like you to play Gwendolena, the wife of Merlin, a wood nymph.
Me: I’m a big long in the tooth for a wood nymph, amn’t I?
Todd: No, you’re perfect. You’re tiny and blond and you look like a fairy.
Me (highly flattered and sucked in like a Hunt’s tomato): Okay, I’ll do it.
Brenda (into her headset): We’ve got a nymph. The nymph has been found.
Brenda (to me): You should hear the com chatter on this.
Me: Could you call me a dryad?

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