Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Two Husbands

Bet that caught your attention!
The two satyr lads in this pic were my two husbands in The Life of Merlin performance, (written by John and Caitlin Matthews) at the Mythic Journeys Conference in Atlanta last month. I was the wood nymph, Gwendolena, wife of Merlin. William Todd Jones on the left was Merlin, while Toby Froud on the right was my young second husband whom Merlin killed with a deer's antlers. Nope that's not me in the pic, but the gorgeous Wendy Froud (mother of Toby) whom I tend to think of as the High Queen of Faerie. She is the creator of many fabulous creatures including Yoda of Star Wars. And you probably won't recognise Toby as the baby from Labyrinth. Okay I am going to stop name-dropping right now. (I was just saying to David Bowie the other day that name-dropping is a very unattractive trait.)


Sabrina said...

No kidding about the name dropping David Bowie? That's funny about Toby Froud, I always wondered who that baby grew up to be...after recently buying the labirinth on DVD. It was my favorite movie when I was a kid.

OR Melling said...

No, that was a joke about David Bowie. (I mean, I wish.)

Anonymous said...

Was Nimue also Merlin's wife or just his lover?

Ack, death by antler. There are worse things I suppose... >.<

I watched Labyrinth over the summer so it's very cool to see what happened to baby Toby!