Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh Canada!

Put Finn on a plane for Canada this morning. Trying not to be an over-anxious mother. She's staying with friends in Creemore and visiting family in Toronto. Missing her already! I'll be over myself in November to do some readings in Toronto and Montreal. Will post when and where on my Bookmark Book Blog closer to the time. Meanwhile it's back to work. A little personal note: Emma, one of my cats, is utterly flaked out on the floor beside me. It is ROASTING HOT here in Ireland, mirabile dictu. Going on a week now of unadulterated sun, we are all bizarrely (for the Irish) bronzed and blonded. Well, not counting the many who are red and blistered. Give us another week of this and everyone will be saying "the heat's desperate" and "will it never rain."

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