Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Got my mouth wired yesterday for some serious teeth improvement. It involved buckets of anaesthetic (asked the dental surgeon to freeze my head as I'm a wuss. He obliged, almost.) a scalpel that felt like a saw, and a leprechaun's jackhammer. I keep thinking, "actually, it's not so bad,"until the painkillers wear off. This is just the beginning of a long painful process that will see a dream fulfilled. Check out the bockety smile in the profile pic and you'll see what I mean. Meanwhile, only 4 more chapters and the book is finished! Yahoo.


Erik Buchanan said...

Ouch! about the dental work.

Yay! about the four chapters left.

My editor and I have 4 chapters left on this draft (see the whining on my blog), so I share your excitement. Once more through and it's off to the publisher and hopefully on the shelf (in six months or so).

Best of luck with the last of the book and rest of the face clamping.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I dispise dental work. I had to get my wisdom teeth out this summer and since I have difficulty swallowing pills... well it just made things worse.

Hope you feel better soon!

OR Melling said...

Thanks for sympathy, guys! It still hurts, but in a nagging as opposed to traumatic way. Let us know when your book is out, Erik!

Michelle said...

Oh my! The dentist is like one of my worst nightmares. Pass the Xanex please. Glad to see you've come through all well! And yeah! See that you have finished the book. Yeah me, now I only have to wait until it hits the bookstores eh?

OR Melling said...

Gotta say, though, this dental surgeon is the best. (With a name like Dr Woolfe what can one expect?) Though enjoying the break now, I will have another draft to write after the editor comments and as soon as I look at it again. I don't stop tinkering until they pry it from my fingers and send it to the printer, and even then I tinker with the galley proofs. I am the author from hell! Publication Date: April/May 2007.

Erik Buchanan said...

Let us know when your book is out, Erik!

I will. In fact, I'll probably holler it from the rooftops.