Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quam Ob Rem

Which means "for what reason." Okay, the truth. The veritas. I have a box of Latin vocabulary cards on my desk and I like to do a word or two a day. Keep the lingua fresh in my mens. (Must find out if such a thing exists for Irish.) And the reason I was thinking about Loretto is that one of my old school chums, Ellen, now called Elena, sent me an email. This is the fabulous thing about the Web. People are contacting me out of the blue; my past keeps washing up on the shores of my life, bringing all kinds of interesting things. I am going to get together with a bunch of my high school buddies the next time I am in Toronto. That will be November this year. I'm doing readings and talks at St Michael's College (U of T), McGill in Montreal, and some libraries and bookstores. Will post dates and venues closer to the time on my Bookmark Book Blog.

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