Monday, August 28, 2006


Finished book Friday just in time for the Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures, THE BEST ANNUAL FESTIVAL IN IRELAND BAR NONE.
Here's who I saw:
On the mainstage, Papa Gee and Colours Afrobeat Foundation - the latter were the most beautiful women with the biggest bottoms I have ever seen! And Trans-Global Underground with the Trio Bulgarka. While bopping around like a maniac to these guys, I had one of those epiphanic moments. Noticed the gang in front of me were in their teens and thought for a sec, "jaze, am I bit old for this lark?" and then of course I looked up at the stage and who were we all groovin' to? Bulgarian grannies!!!
On smaller stage: Lasairfhíona, hottest new thing on Irish-language and Irish music scene. A voice of honey. Will do a separate blog on her.
Workshop/talk: Sounds Ancient - about ancient Irish musical instruments beginning with stones with holes in them (hey, if you blow in them, it sounds like a sea gull's cry while three holes gives you a mini-flute!), Bronze Age trumpets, a replica of the Wicklow pipes - dated to 2600 B.C, found in 2003 AD near Bray - giant panpipes made of yew wood with complicated mouth pieces. Amazing.
Here's what I bought: beaded bracelets, shell earrings, a green wraparound skirt, mango tea, a gourd shaker.
Here's what I ate: falafel with tabouleh plus lemonade with mint, potato rosti with homemade salsa, and a crunchy Indian snack from Mother Amma's stall.
Here's the information stalls I visited: Concern's village, Mother Amma, and Médecins Sans Frontieres. The latter are my heroes. If I had any kind of skill that was useful to them, I would volunteer, but I don't, so all I can do is support them with money and advertising. Will do a separate blog on them shortly.
FINALE. Out clubbing to Sudanese gospel rapper, Immanuel Jal. Will blog him separately also. I was mesmerized and traumatized by what this amazing young man had to sing and say. He was a boy soldier at 8 years of age. Here's his CD: Ceasefire (2005). I'm going to buy it tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

Oh, how I envy you! Sounds like a delightful time. Oh, just to be a bird on your

Do please blog about these artists, I'm always on the look out for fantastic music.