Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A final comment on the Pope's remarks. There are many within the Church who point out that this crisis could have been avoided had the Pope himself not demoted (or as some say "fired") and removed from the Vatican, Fr Michael Fitzgerald -- an expert on Islam and the Church's best man for inter-faith dialogue with Muslims.The Jesuit Fr Thomas Reese predicted a year ago that misguided remarks could lead to people dying and churches burning. In today's tinderbox world, free speech must be tempered with prudence and courtesy.


KJH said...

As a Catholic myself, I'm increasingly becoming disheartened by what is going on in the church. It will never survive unless its leaders show compassion and tolerance for people of other faiths. It's getting to the point where people are attending church but disagreeing with what the higher clergy are saying.

OR Melling said...

I have never forgotten one of my favourite priests when I was young in Toronto, Fr Jhetten from the Netherlands. He said High Mass with real pomp and circumstance. Boy could he swing that incense burner! But when he did sermons they were very radical. One day he stood up in the pulpit and said that women should make up their own minds about birth control and never mind what the Church said. We never saw him again after that. I was so sad.

KJH said...

Too bad! I wouldn't mind attending a sermon of his. He sounds like the kind of priest I'd actually roll out of bed on a Sunday for.