Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fair-haired Holy Girl

I sent this pic to a friend recently as he made an offhand comment that my hair was less blonde in my youth. Harrumph. Here's proof that it was more blonde. First Holy Communion is a fabulous day for Roman Catholic kids. Even if you are poor, your family goes all out with clothes and treats and you are someone special all day long. My mum made this gorgeous dress and I designed it myself! I got the idea for the skirt panels from an illustrated book of fairy tales (a princess's dress except it reached her ankles). The material was some kind of stiff stuff -- will ring my mum to find out -- and the patterned flowers are velvety. New shoes and everything. Oh what a cute little kid I look, butter wouldn't melt. But how on earth did my parents manage this for each of us with one wage and ten children?!

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