Sunday, September 03, 2006


I promised I would blog this amazing new voice on the Irish music and Irish-language music scene. Her full name is Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola, but she is now using her first name only -- pronounced lassar-eena. It means "Flame of Wine" in English, and that is the name of her second album. She sings some songs in English on that CD including a lovely one she wrote herself called "Galleon", while her first album is An Raicín Alainn (The Beautiful Comb). Both are exquisite. I heard her live last week. She's very much a colleen, a little shy, and needs someone to tell her not to keep looking at her watch when she is doing a show, as her audience doesn't want to be reminded that she will not sing for them forever. Her first language is Irish as she was born and grew up on Inisheer, the most Irish-speaking of the Gaeltacht Aran Islands in the west. You see a bit of the landscape behind her in this pic, as that is what those stony islands look like! I've been to Inishmore, the main island, and also Inisheer. Beautiful places. Here's information from the CD jacket: CAT NO: LNC002CD. and Also try:


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear her music....where is is available?

Linda From Jabberwocky...USA

OR Melling said...

Hi Linda! Ach, sorry about that. I meant to include some information from the CD jacket. Will edit the post to include same.