Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pope's Remarks

Well, seeing as I've got my Holy Communion pic below I feel obliged to comment. Isn't the world in a bad enough state with fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims waging their crusades and jihads, now we've got a fundamentalist Catholic pouring oil on the fire? For those of us who wish to live in a post-Enlightenment 21st century, it is a nightmare watching the world being dragged back into the Dark Ages by all these madmen.


Erik Buchanan said...

Stupid thing to say, yes, but not quite as it appears.

The comment in question is not the Pope's opinion, it is a quote from an old manuscript and part of an academic discussion.

Now, the quote that the Pope quoted was ill-advised, poorly timed, and not something a pope should be saying. It was also taken out of context for the most part.

My friend Chet (Dr. Scoville to his students) at The Vanity Press has some excellent insight on this and on the Pope's big sin: forgetting who his is.

Here's the link:

Feedback welcome.

OR Melling said...

But why quote it in the first place?! The Pope may be many things but stupid is not one of them. That's what makes the remark irresponsible at best and sinister at worst.