Friday, September 01, 2006

Tempus Fugit!

Expected to blog more this week but it has been catch-up time. The house is still a mess and I didn't get started on the bathroom -- need to chip and paint the ceiling and tile a wall -- but I organised finances, got to Dublin for a dental check-up and meeting with friends (fabulous dosai restaurant on Mary St, it was just like being back in Tamil Nadu - yum!!!), began to sort out my Canada speaking trip in November (more about that in Book Blog when dates and venues are confirmed), got to the gym at last, and switched banks and telephone companies. Still must buy tiles for bathroom, tidy up office, answer reader email, finish reading a friend's manuscript (it's brilliant so far), buy some new clothes for autumn, sort out new gym. No rest for the wicked. And here's a pic of me heading off for Tonelagee mentioned below. God, I love Ireland. It refreshes my soul. Look at that purple heather.

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