Saturday, October 07, 2006

Arty Family

Here's the website of one of my artist sisters, Lorraine (who is also a published poet) and her sculptor husband, James: Art doesn't run in our family, it gallops. My dad was a jazz musician (cut a few albums with the Warren Peace Trio --yeah, that was the band leader's name!) and I have five, yes count them, five sisters who are visual artists. One, Georgina Black, is self-taught but has won prizes, and the other four, Patricia, Yvonne, Lorraine, and Deirdre are all graduates of various art colleges and exhibit professionally. Yvonne Whelan and Deirdre Whelan are based in Toronto while Patricia Burnes and Lorraine Whelan are based in Ireland. There's got to be gene, eh?


Anonymous said...

hey there. damien from blather here. just dropped by to say hello and thanks for visting blather.

at some stage (god only knows when) we could do an 'interview' and feature a piece about you on blather. lots of tomfollery going on in the background right now (reorganisation) but we'll be back to doing features soon...

OR Melling said...

I'm on for it. But are ye goin' to take the piss out of me? (You guys are really funny.) Hmm, what's happening in the background? Palace coup?

jagger_55 said...

Hello There,

I was pleased to see your blog, I used to play with Warren Peace back in the 70's my Dad played with him in the 60's and 70's I am assuming your dad according to my dad is Kevin he mentioned you lived in Regent Park.



O.R. Melling said...

Good heavens, Howard, I just saw this now because someone else just emailed me about this post and I came back here to have a look at it! Apologies for seriously late reply!!! I'll email ya. Or