Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Last Straw

I can’t believe Jack Straw – Labour Leader of the British House of Commons – asks Muslim women who visit his Lancashire clinics not to wear their veils. The bloody cheek! How dare he tell any woman what she should wear to his office? Does he ask Catholic nuns to remove their veils? Has he issued a dress code for men? I find more than sinister this recent European trend (mainly French and English) against religious schools and icons, stressing the ideal of a "secular society." The Western ideal is not a secular society, it is a liberal society which separates church and state while also tolerating and even celebrating cultural, racial, and religious differences. The alternative is a Soviet-style atheistic society where religion and all signs of religion are banned and everyone looks like clones. It didn’t work there, it won’t work here. I’m so glad I belong to two countries that don’t tout this kind of rubbish: Canada, which promotes multi-culturalism, and Ireland, which says "ah sure, whatever you’re havin’ yourself."

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Bernard said...

Well, we do still have our fair share of cultural problems in Canada. A few years ago there was a big controversy about a kid who wanted to wear his kirpan to school... They finally allowed it, but it's sad to live in a world where people are suspicious of people simply because of a religious artefact.