Friday, October 13, 2006

Leonard is The Man

Drove up to County Meath yesterday for library visits in Dunshauglin and Dunboyne. (Had 100 kids for the latter. There is always that moment when I look over the sea of faces and think, "oh God, what if I bore them senseless?" No sweat. We had a great time. I love kids and I love teenagers. And love is the greatest force you can direct at anybody, according to Albert Schweitzer and/or Gabriel Marquez, depending on your source.) ANYWAY, driving up there I listened to Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man and Future. Omigod, that Canuck is not only good, he is great. And what a sexy bugger and at his age too. I think he was in his 50s or 60s when he wrote and recorded those seriously hot songs. And he was obviously in love and lust at the time, more power to him. Before his sojourn in the Zen monastery. (Not surprising, that leap from sexuality to spirituality, both being life-affirming yokes.) Apparently there is a brilliant newish documentary on him, but half of it is U2 blathering on about him. My God. Like getting Dan Brown to talk about Samuel Beckett. I mean, who gives a flying f'k what U2 thinks? (Now let me tell you how I really feel about it.)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Grace also say to Laurel, love is the greatest force you can direct at anyone? Sheesh, I'm such a nerd.

I went to go check and I found it in chapter 23 of TSK. It's like I've been hit over the head repeatedly with a nerd stick isn't it?

You don't like U2? Isn't that like Irish blasphemy or something? I think it'd be synonymous with me saying I didn't like hockey or poutine haha.

Bernard said...

Indeed, who does give a flying f*ck? U2 is getting way too popular for its own good. I'll stay with my dusty prog rock, thank you. Isn't that right, precious?

*caresses Thick As A Brick*

OR Melling said...

Oh yeah, that's in the old version. Not the new one. (If Penguin Canada doesn't bring out the new editions soon I'm going to get a new publisher.) I'm always pinching good lines for my books. Was it James Joyce or Brendan Behan who said, "artists don't borrow, they steal."
And I NEVER liked U2. I think all their music sounds the same. And Bono is a twit. A well meaning one, mind you, but still a twit.

Miriam Springett said...

"Great artists don't borrow they steal". I know Picasso said something very similar about his art. Also "I do not seek, I find". But then you have to recognise what you have found. That presumably is the trick. Leonard also said, "If I knew where the good songs came from I'd go there more often".

Bernard said...

My esteem for you just shot up seventy points.