Sunday, October 01, 2006

Me vs Eircom & Perlico

Yahoo, I just successfully set up my modem and I am now surfing at Broadband speed. We have the technology. Meanwhile, however, I've recently discovered that if you change from Eircom to Perlico for cheaper service you lose the right to use the Irish International Operator, but not only that, you can't access Canada Direct to make collect phone calls! No one told me this, of course, not Eircom or Perlico. Okay, I understand that the Irish Operator belongs to Eircom so therefore they can cut you off (but why not just charge?) but Canada Direct is a 1-800 number. As it is the Canadian International Operator not the Irish one, that seems utterly wrong of Eircom; a petty punitive measure against ex-customers which they should not be allowed to practise. Afterall, the line rental is still paid to them. Perlico is acting dumb and pretending they know nothing about this when they surely must. So, does wee David have time to go into battle against two communications giants? No. I must finish the final edit of my book. But when I do finish, Eircom and Perlico watch out.

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