Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oíche Shamhna

(Pronounced ee-hah how-nah. Yeah, I know. With Irish you think up a pronunciation that is as far as possible from the spelling and you'll be close.) This night gets two blogs as it is such an important one in the Celtic calendar, see Book Blog. I've put the cats in the cattery - so no one will throw them on a bonfire; yes, I'm afraid that happens every year, the dark horrible side of the Irish- , the scary mannequin is in the porch holding bowls of sweets and pennies for hand-outs, and all the candles are lit. Finn is off to a fancy dress disco and I am off to a fancy dress céilí. She's going as someone who just fell out of bed (with more clothes on than others, I might add!) and I am going in my sparkly Indian dress that looks like something from Faerie. Will post a pic of it on Book Blog tomorrow as I wore it to launch The Chronicles of Faerie blue compendium in Toronto on Hallowe'en a few years back. Have a great night and don't eat anything without a wrapper (the dark horrible side of North Americans) or you'll wind up like this pumpkin!

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