Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Punch

Still going like the clappers! Last of the cards tonight plus gift-wrapping, a few more presents to buy tomorrow, some more decorations to put up in the house, then on Sunday a lovely Christmas dinner and exchange of gifts with Finn's grandparents and her Dad down in Naas. Here's my recipe for mulled punch:
organic pressed apple juice
slices of ginger
powdered ginger
cinnamon powder
grated nutmeg
mixed spice if you wish or mulled spice sachet
slices of lemon with peel
slices of orange/mandarin/satsuma with peel
whole apple peeled with whole cloves stuck into it like a sputnik
Simmer it all nicely on the stove and serve in glasses with a whole cinnamon stick.


Sabrina said...

Thanks for the recipe!
Sounds delicious...I'm having a Christmas party myself on Tuesday.

OR Melling said...

Flavour as you wish, but go easy on the powdered ginger. It can take over the whole show. Hope you have/had a great party!