Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nollaig ag Teacht!

Yes, Christmas is coming! And with the galleys just done, I am throwing myself into it, like a rock star hurling himself into the crowd. So far, still up. Load of cards written but still more to do and all those heading for Canada, America, India, and Japan are, of course, dead late. Still in time for Ireland and Europe, however. Meanwhile, the lights are up in the window plus the little Crib and silver candlestick with white candle. The box of decorations is out from under the stairs and all over the kitchen table. Tree will be bought today. Decorated tomorrow. Tonight is the Christmas party at my set-dancing class. Yahoo. I love this time of year, the Silly Season as a dear friend calls it. Must fly. Presents to buy!


Anonymous said...

Once my exams are done and I work my last shift, hopefully my holidays will begin. Hmm... do I even remember how to have fun?

Your plans sound fun yet relaxing. I know you'll have a great time this holiday season. :) Best wishes and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

o mi gosh! good thing i popped by -i havn't made my cards yet! love the kitties at the post box -free hugs.dee

OR Melling said...

Hmm, relaxing is not a word I would use around this time! Good luck with your exams, Laura, and make sure you have fun afterwards. Hey Dee, haven't watched your video yet but will as soon as there is a moment.