Monday, December 18, 2006

An Post

Oh, I love An Post, the Irish postal service. They are sweet. I was checking with their Customer Service department via email to see if a parcel I sent to Canada had arrived and they reported back to me that indeed it had. So then I sent them a thank you and Beannactaí na Nollag (Blessings of Christmas) and here's what someone wrote back: Na habair é - fáilte. Which is the Irish version of "Don't mention it - you're welcome." It is truly wonderful when people use Irish here because, alas, the language was nearly wiped out by English colonization; but though the number of native speakers is declining, happily the number using Irish as a second language is steadily increasing. PS Here's the Christmas card they sent me. Speaking of English colonization, that's the central post office in Dublin, the last hold-out of the doomed Easter Rising or Irish Revolution of 1916. You can still see the bullet holes in the columns. Also there is the famous statue of Cuchulainn inside.

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