Thursday, January 04, 2007


Here's a pic from my Faerie Calendar 2007, bringing fairy magic and best wishes for the coming year. I always make resolutions, not in the negative sense, but rather in the vein of hopes and wishes. My dreams for this year include:
1) move back to Canada and start a new life there
2) take some more drumming lessons
3) return to meditation and a richer inner life (was far too busy this year)
4) polish up The Book of Dreams, completing the final re-write of The Chronicles of Faerie
5) show R around Ireland for his first time
6) improve my finances.
Hmm, that's enough to go on with. Here in, short, are my best moments of 2006:
1) USA Tour
2) Mythic Journeys Conference in Atlanta
3) publication of The Summer King
4) Author Visits to Toronto, Cobourg, and Montreal.
5) Christmas in the mountains of Spain and visits to Alicante and Barcelona. There were also personal highlights to do with Findabhair and with R but that's private. All in all, it was a fantastic year!


Anonymous said...

...but the Montreal visit was definetly the best. Right?


*hopeful smile*

Sabrina said...

Happy New Year! That's cool that you are planning to come back to Canada. Can't wait for your rewrites to appear here--I'm dying to read them all over again!