Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eire Go Brách!

Omigod, the Irish rugby team just CREAMED the English team 46-13 in one of the most historical and emotive days in Irish sport history and Irish history itself. For the first time ever an English team was allowed into the hallowed grounds of Croke Park, the home of Gaelic football and hurley, and the scene of a civilian massacre by British soldiers in 1920. (The Hogan Stand is named after the hurley captain who died along with 13 spectators.) Some might say the ghosts of the murdered were with the lads today. It was a ROUT. There was a huge issue beforehand about God Save the Queen being sung at the game, but the Irish fans didn't bat an eye and clapped afterwards to show a welcoming spirit. Winners all round, it was a great day to be Irish.

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