Sunday, March 18, 2007

Irish-Canadian Post

Trying to play catch-up today. Got a review to write, people coming for dinner, the house is a mess, the To Do lists are taking over my desk, and I'm behind in my work on The Book of Dreams thanks to losing my notated copy. Arghhh. Also, when trying to fix a Firefox error on the Book Blog (Spadina Bus video), I wound up losing the entire post. Sigh. Will do it again, later. Meanwhile, here's a pic of the badge being born by a Canadian girls rugby team which toured Ireland last week, from St Mary's High School in Cobourg. They creamed every Irish team they played around the country. I didn't know which side to cheer for. In keeping with the character of each nation, the Irish teams moaned about the Canadians being too rough (to their faces, it must said) while the Canadians apologised for winning. Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

thats funny. its also a coincidence that Cobourg is my home town. i have a friend that goes to St. Mary.
i never watch a rugby game, how was the game?

OR Melling said...

There were two games in Wicklow. I only caught the senior girls, but they were terrific to watch. Apparently the Irish insisted on "non-contested scrums" (a contradiction in terms to most rugby types)and they really weren't a match for the Canadians. Surprising, given that this is a real rugby loving country, but I think girl's rugby is not as well supported as boy's.