Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Learning the Alphabet

Just finished my Tibetan homework. Here's some of it. There are 30 letters in the alphabet which are also root syllables with specific sounds and, in some cases, actual words, e.g. the letter-syllable nya means "fish", cha means "tea", and then there is the universal (or almost universal) ma which means "mother". Writing out the beautiful letters on music paper is like a form of meditation. But it also reminds me of painstakingly printing out my very first letters as a child in those big phonetic copybooks with pictures (loved them). I'm probably sticking out my tongue as I do the Tibetan letters. I began to learn this language seven years ago, but then my young teacher went off to India. (See Book Blog about her.) I've now added "Go to Dharamsala to study Tibetan" onto my list of adventures to embark upon when Findabhair no longer needs her mother around all the time. Learning new skills is important. It keeps the neurons firing and the synaptic connections forming. The brain, like the Muse, must be fed!

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